Beauty Tips and Effective Natural Home Treatment for Beauty Skin

Home beauty tips and skin care recipes for beauty care, home-made face-packs, facial masks, beauty tips, natural facial mask, and body masks, black circles under eyes, oily skin mask and purifier based on herbs and natural ingredients help improve skin disorders and detoxify.

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They help in providing natural oil and damp to the skin. You can also take care of your hair using natural ingredients.

Many of us have no idea about our skin type and what should be used on the skin to get the glow/facial appearance like our favorite star.

Instead of accepted wisdom about trying for the lotions available in the market, which turns to give ‘nil result’, try these simpler tips to gift yourself, the exciting skin. These are more of naturally nourishing, low-priced and easy to prepare.

Undoubtedly, following these tips would give you best of the results, only after using it at regular basis and at regular intervals. So, be ready to pamper your skin with these ‘natural skin care’ recipes.

Beauty Skin Treatments

The skin, from time to time called the third kidney, is the body’s largest eliminative organ after the liver.

When it functions professionally, it eliminates two pounds of waste acids daily, so its ability to excrete toxins is of paramount importance; when the skin ceases to function properly, an increased burden is located on the lymphatic system and other excretory organs.

One of the greatest treasures that a woman or a man can have is healthy, radiant skin. A beautiful complexion and glorious body skin are a reflection of our personal life-style practices. The skin excretes, absorbs and protects.

If the balanced of the skin becomes disturbed especially through poor nutrition the functions associated with the skin cells cannot act in an unprejudiced manner and can result in dryness, excessive oiliness, and inability to protect against infectious organism.

Home Remedies for Beauty Skin

1.  Mix equal quantities of cucumber juice, rose water and lime juice. Wash the face and apply it overnight. Rinse off in the dawn. This clears the facial appearance and keeps it healthy.

2.  Take 50 ml. of raw (not boiled) milk and mix a pinch of salt and two teaspoonful of lime juice in it. Use it as a cleansing cream. It helps to clean the deep pores of skin.

3.  Mix equal quantities of lime juice, glycerin and rose water. This lotion if applied to the face regularly at bed time is very useful in remove pimples, blackheads and other stains of the skin. It makes the skin soft, and can also be practical to other parts of the body (hands, feet etc.)

4.  Take 50 ml. of tomato juice and mix with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the face. It helps to create the skin soft and glowing.

5.  Take equal quantities of turmeric powder and wheat flour and make a paste with sesame oil. Apply it to the face to take away unwanted hair.

6.  Apply orange juice to the face for smooth and soft skin.

7.  Take 30 ml. of cabbage juice and mix one teaspoon of honey in it. This mixture, if applied frequently to the face, helps to keep the wrinkles away.

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Types Of Dry Skin Therapy And Causes Of Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem of most people, both men and women. This skin condition can affect the physical appearance of your skin as well as its health and natural moisture. The most basic dry skin therapy is by drinking adequate amount of fluid especially water. Doing so can hydrate your skin cells and can eventually alleviate the dryness.

Another dry skin therapy is to have enough rest and long, satisfying hours of sleep. Natural skin repair happens when you are sleeping. Failure to do so can cause skin damages including extreme dryness.

Dry skin is caused by different factors. It is caused by extreme coldness. So if you are locked inside your air-conditioned room the whole day, then you should try to get some fresh air. You should also let your skin to be exposed to warm weather. Or perhaps, you can have an indoor humidifier to balance the temperature.

Frequent hot baths and showers can also cause extreme dryness. So you should avoid doing this frequently. Perhaps, you can take a hot shower today and then do it again on the day after tomorrow. Daily hot baths should be avoided to prevent dry skin.

Some moisturizers that contain mineral oil and fragrances can cause dryness of your skin. You should not be blinded by glamorous advertisements because these ingredients can never treat a dry skin. In fact, mineral oil washes away the natural oil of the skin and leaves it dry. It also blocks the pores and causes it to have improper breathing space.

Instead of using these kind of ingredients, use products that are equipped with natural ingredients like avocado oil, grape seed oil, and shea butter. These ingredients are extracted from natural substances and are combined to fight dryness and regain the natural moisture of the skin. These products will serve as your most effective dry skin therapy .

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Dry Skin Relief

Dry skin treatments powerful in effectiveness normally contain herbs. Using the right herbs is the answer to having healthy blemish free skin.Dry skin can have several reasons for happening. Lack of proper hydration, poor diet, low air humidity, excessive use of artificial heating, and the use of drying skincare products are the primary causes.

Dry skin is caused by three major factors: (1) environment, (2) neglect, and (3) medical conditions.

Dry skin is perhaps one of the most common skin problems today, which is why a discussion on dry skin therapy is more important than ever. Dry skin needs to be taken care of and treated to avoid further complications in the future. Dry skin, as many of you might know, could lead to a lot of further skin related problems. Let us take a detailed look at dry skin and how to treat this skin condition.

Other causes for dry skin are often extreme climatic conditions, wind, and sunburn. The outer layer of the skin has an oily layer that is sometimes not retained properly because of these conditions. Also, the body is unable to produce the requisite amount of water and oil as is needed by the body. This causes the skin to dry and look dull, flaky, and lifeless. It is advised to use a humidifier while staying in a room with a heater for a long time.

If you’re wondering why certain dry skin treatments aren’t working for you, it might be because you’re addressing the wrong cause. Dry skin has many different causes, and as a consequence has many different treatments. It is important to know what exactly causes your dry skin in order to know the best solution.

Skip the Bath Oils. Yes, bath oils may smell nice and seem like a good idea, but in fact, the opposite is true (well, except for the smelling nice part). When it comes to your skin, bath oils are not going to moisturize and instead make you want to soak for even longer than usual. We have already established the No Soak Rule.

Women who have dry skin sometimes feel difficult to find the right care for their skin. In fact, there are some things that make women get dry skin such as high pressured lifestyle, anxiety and ages. Besides them, the environments are also the causes why most women get dry skin.

If you are looking for a dry skin remedy, look no farther than your kitchen pantry. You can make a dry skin natural remedy just by combining common foods and applying them to the skin. Some foods act as an internal remedy for dry skin as well. Some of the ingredients that can be used in a home remedy for extremely dry skin are honey, yogurt, olive oil, and oatmeal. Some herb teas are useful, too, as are a variety of other fruits and seeds.

Dry skin can also be itchy and become very sensitive, resulting in eczema and dermatitis. The prevention of excessive loss of moisture to prevent dry skin is important to prevent further complication of dry skin.

One important remedy that can easily be followed is to drink lots of water. At least two quarts of water have to be taken in per day if the skin is dry. This prevents the skin from dehydrating. The other option would be to take in lots of food containing vitamins A and B.

Angular cheilitis is a common skin condition that plagues many people with its discomfort and pain. But you do not really understand the pain completely until you have experienced it first hand. The dry cracked skin can prevent you from enjoying your favorite snacks. Things like hot beverages can really take a toll on those open wounds. All they usually do is end up making things worse. But thankfully there are things that you can start doing that will help you get rid of that pain.

To get rid of this problem in the first place, it is important to understand what causes dry skin (that is why you have dry skin) to occur. Usually, different factors like side effects from medication, bad lifestyle habits (e.g smoking), inadequate nutrition, environmental factors and advanced age are common explanations as to why one would have dry skin.

Cold weather is notorious for causing dry skin that often leads to flakiness and itchiness. The best solution is often to be the application of skin creams that moisturizes and returns the needed water back to the skin. Precautions like not taking extremely hot showers will also help prevent or alleviate the symptoms. Hot water will break down the natural lipids on your skin that locks in moisture. When this happens, the moisture in your skin will evaporate leaving your skin stripped and dry. If you really need to take hot showers, try to reduce the temperature or just use lukewarm water if possible.

A lot of people have dry and dead skin, and others will suffer from it on and off in their lifetime, that is why most of the skin care lotions will target this type of skin type. As you’re looking around in the store you’ll find that most of the good creams for dry or dead skin will contain glycolic acid in them. The acid is so great at treating dead skin it is becoming one of the most popular treatments in use today. The acid gets absorbed deep into your skin and goes to work at helping your blood flow under the skin, which will stop the dead and dry skin cycle almost completely.

Essential oils such as lavender, primrose and tea tree are beneficial for people with dry skin. These can be used in a facial sauna or ingredients in a skin care product regime. Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated and teas made from fennel, calendula, borage or coltsfoot help to improve the condition of your dry skin.

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How to Use a Decontamination Face Wash

We all have to go outside to attend our offices, to meet business appointments, study, attend parties, or for recreations; this is the reason we are exposed to beam of sunlight, lot of dust particles, chemical radiations, and germs on the way. In order to maintain your beauty and to look fresh & healthy, you should wash your face properly every day.

Because of harmful environmental gases, bacteria, and viruses we are prone to many skin diseases. Simply washing the face is no more a remedy now and all you need is a decontamination product which is a great solution to maintain a healthy skin.

Decontaminating your face should be your top priority among all the beauty rituals. Couple of times in a day you should use decontamination face wash to overprotect your skin and to revitalise your skin cells. Face wash is essential because of many reasons; you get a clear skin and it also helps reduce blemishes, you get a natural glowing face that people will admire throughout the day. You must know which product is best for you and how to use it, and you must follow certain steps to apply a decontamination face wash.


First, you should know the type of your skin and then determine the face wash which bests suits your skin type. If you have normal to dry skin, choose the product which has hydration ingredients. If you have oily skin, then you should use oil free decontamination face wash which is rich in sugar, salt, fruit shells, and pumice.


Be very careful to use exact amount of face wash on your finger tips before applying it onto your face. Usually, it should be about the size of a nickel. Divide this face wash between your two hands and use your first, middle, and fourth finger to massage this face wash on to your face.


You now need to massage this decontamination face wash onto your facial skin for about two and a half minutes. Massage in such a way that all your face gets covered with this face wash including your bridge of nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. This will clean off your skin and help you to get rid of dead cells which can cause breakout and blemishes.


Use warm, damp cloth to wash your face. It is advisable to wash the product off your face using upward motion as it helps removing most of the product from your skin, and it also helps prevent dropping around your face.


Always use decontamination face wash two times in a day; it should be the first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Decontamination face wash is great to give your face a glowing look, and it helps remove dirt and contamination particles from your face. Everyone should try these products and these are cheaper than you would imagine. The best way to choose a product is to either consult your skin specialist, or if you know about your skin type you should read the product description carefully to choose the one that best suits you. If you start today, you will definitely notice difference in a week or less.

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Rosacea Uncovered

Rosacea is sometimes mistakenly referred to as “adult acne” because it causes outbreaks on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead that look like acne. But rosacea is a little different. And it can cause extra symptoms, like a burning sensation in the eye, that aren’t associated with regular acne. Rosacea most often occurs in people who have fair skin, especially if they blush easily. It does seem to run in families, too.

Many people are embarrassed by having rosacea because in the past people thought it had to do with addiction to alcohol, but that is not the case. However, in people who have rosacea, drinking alcohol may cause the rosacea to flare up.

There are a number of environmental conditions that can cause rosacea to flare up. These triggers include exercise, wind or sun exposure, hot baths, spicy foods, hot weather, and stress.

People with rosacea in general have very sensitive skin and tiny red veins on the face that resemble spider webs. Often lotions or medications cause stinging sensations on the face. Dry, red eyes that are chronically irritated are also a symptom of rosacea. It is important that people with rosacea have their eyes monitored regularly, because the disease can cause serious problems with the eyes.

When rosacea is left untreated, it can sometimes cause knob-like bumps on the nose and cheeks called rhinophyma, but most cases do not get this bad.

Fortunately, dermatologists can prescribe medications for rosacea, and it can be kept under control fairly easily. Sometimes antibiotic creams are used, particularly if there are eye problems associated with rosacea. This is more of a long term treatment that may take a few weeks to produce noticeable improvement. In order to treat advanced cases of rosacea, laser or dermabrasion can be used.

People with rosacea must try to avoid triggers that cause it to flare up, they must be very gentle with their skin, and wear high SPF sunscreen every day.

Leonard Dawson is a freelance article writer who writes for Cosmetic Surgery Guru about current issues, technology and news within the cosmetic surgery market.

Orthopedic Office Chairs For Many Types Of Businesses

There are many reasons you may need orthopedic office chairs. For example, you may work in a nursing home as the director. Many nursing homes have the elderly volunteer for jobs. Those jobs include greeting people. The capable elderly greet families and friends that come to visit the residents in the nursing home. They help folks find what floor the resident is on that they have come to visit. When sitting on their volunteer job shift, the elderly need a comfortable chair. An ergonomic office chair is the perfect type of furniture for those with back pain due to age.

Those that work in an office may need one of the orthopedic office chairs. Many folks have backaches and the ergonomic office furniture will let them sit in comfort. There is an indention in the orthopedic chair that allows ones back to sit comfortably. It is important that employees are comfortable as they work or they will not produce much work. Plus, many employees are sitting for eight hours per day and need to have good posture so one of the orthopedic office chairs is the answer to any back problems.

If your office has spare orthopedic office chairs that no one is using and one of your employees is pregnant, you may want to offer the chair to her. She will feel the difference in comfort from a regular office chair. Your pregnant employee may be able to work right up to her due date if she is comfortable. This will help your business run smoothly instead of having someone who is not as knowledgeable performing her job. It will also save your other employees from the stress of having to take on more work due to your valued employee being off of work.

Any employee that has back issues will benefit from one of these chairs. Perhaps the employee was injured before working at your place of business. Or Maybe the employee was injured on the job in a different department at your place of business. You may be trying to give the employee an alternative job since he or she cannot perform his/her regular job. With one of these special ergonomically correct chairs, he/she can work for you instead of sitting at home collecting unemployment benefits. This is better for your company as well as for the injured employee to stay working instead of becoming depressed due to feeling useless.

Orthopedic office chairs are an excellent addition to any type of business. Many folks will benefit from sitting in these specially made chairs.

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Beauty Tips for Teens

Being a teen in today’s world brings numerous pressures from culture to look good. The media is full of beautiful faces that add to the stress of growing up. Teenagers have different skin care and make-up needs than mature women. The following makeup tips for teenagers cover a multitude of problems. At an early age, a light moisturizer may be called for but do not use heavy creams make for dry skin. Choose a product that is formulated for light skin care maintenance and does not block your pores.

A heavy moisturizer will probably wreak havoc and cause pimples. Try using a light moisturizer only once a day, before bedtime. Acne is the plague of youth, but with the above items, most pimples can be covered well if not completely. The key is to choose both concealer and foundation that match your skin tone.

Soft and subtle are the two keywords that teens should keep in mind whereas doing makeup. The colors that work best for them are the ones that are nearby to their natural skin tone or add just a bit of color to their faces such as shades of pink, coral, neutral brown and gray.

Beauty Tips for Girls

Most teenage girls begin wearing light make-up around the ages of 12-13 as they become more aware of their appearance. There are a few steps that any teenage girl can use to transform into a blooming beauty in a jiffy. Use a concealer pencil that matches you skin tone to cover any skin imperfections, acnes, skin blemishes, scars or dark circles. Foundation for teens is not necessary. While it can clog your pores, it will also look overdone.

Skip the foundation and use a concealer on your blemishes only. Apply soft gray eyeliner to line the lashes and blend it well to the outside edge. Apply one coat of brown mascara but if you have naturally black eyelashes, you may also employ black mascara too. If you have a warm skin undertone, use sheer application of peach blush but if you have a cool skin undertone, use soft pink shade. Blend it well using cotton ball.

Lemon Sugar Glycerine Skin Beauty Tips

Take 1 tsp of fresh cream, 1 tsp of sugar, and half of lemon and massage into the hands until all the sugar granules melt completely. This should perfectly be done every day for 2 to 3 weeks for effective results.

Beauty Tips for Men

Makeup for men is becoming increasingly popular for that groomed shaved handsome looks of ramp models that make the men so desirable. Here are some tips that men can use. Protect and Pamper Your Skin. The best way to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer is to protect your skin from sun damage by using a daily moisturizer with sunscreen. A good scrub is essential for healthy clean skin. It will remove dead cells and smooth the surface of your face.

The scrub should be powerful without being damaging. Stay away from scrubs that contain coarse elements like ground bits of nut or seed extracts. After shaving, you require to moisturize with a product that has absolutely no alcohol in it. Avoid heavy fragrant after-shave products too, as they can irritate the skin. In hot weather, wear light-colored, cotton clothing and socks. This will absorb less heat and “sweat stains” will be less visible.

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Natural Home Remedies for Stretch Marks – Restore Normal Appearance of the Skin

Stretch marks usually appear as fine lines on the skin surface and are off-white in color. These are commonly observed on the upper and lower abdominal regions, thighs, arm joints and the breasts. Stretch marks mainly arise due to pregnancy when the abdominal skin gets overstretched due to the growing fetus. The elastin fibers of the skin get stretched and torn leaving permanent marks on the skin that almost resembles scars. These are pink in color in the initial stage but later changes to white. These marks lighten with time and take years to be removed completely.


Fine lines, which are pale pink in color, appear on the skin that lay between the gaps of the dermis. Later on these lines change to white color.


Pregnancy is the principal cause behind the development of stretch marks. Other reasons are:

1. Abrupt gain or loss in weight.
2. Speedy growth after attaining puberty.
3. Genetic factors.
4. Stress.
5. Any remarkable change in physical conditions.

Home Remedies

Home remedies, if followed regularly go a long way in reducing the stretch marks to a great extent almost restoring the normal appearance of the skin.

1. Apply Aloe Vera gel on the marks. This is one of the best home remedy that initially lightens the marks, finally removing them from the skin.

2. Applying few drops of Lavender oil on the marks 3 times a day is another effective home remedy.

3. Regular application of cocoa butter during pregnancy helps in reducing the stretch marks. It should be applied 2 times a day to get better results.

4. Prepare a solution by adding 7 drops each of lavender oil and Chamomile oil in any carrier oil like oil of sweet almond, jojoba or avocado. Massaging the affected areas by this solution helps in reducing the stretch marks.

5. Applying apricot scrub on the affected areas also helps in faster removal of the marks.

6. Prepare a mixture by blending liquids from 6 Vitamin E capsules and 4 Vitamin A capsules in half cup olive oil and one-fourth cup Aloe Vera gel, and store in a bottle. Keep it in a refrigerator and apply on the affected areas. This is a highly effective remedy to reduce marks.

7. Aroma oils are highly beneficial in reducing the stretch marks. Massage the affected areas regularly with the aroma oils to get rid of these marks faster.

8. Seeds and nuts are rich in Zinc that helps in preventing marks. Include few of them in your daily diet.

9. Go for regular exercises. This helps in toning the muscles and prevents stretch marks.

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Dr Andrew Napier

Which Peel is Best for You?

Chemical peels are a great way to revitalize your skin and improve your appearance.  However, not all peels are created equal.  

There are different types of peels available depending on your skin type and the problem you are trying to resolve.  For example, the chemicals used to treat acne are not necessarily as effective as an anti-aging component.  So before you start a chemical peel, it’s important to understand which peels do which jobs.

Not all peels contain acid.  In fact, there are targeted non-acid peels derived from the enzymes of things like pumpkins, papayas or pineapples.  These peels are calming and offer the skin a deep cleansing, without any harshness.  Perfect for any non-oily skin types and especially gentle on sensitive skin.

The natural acids in milk are known as lactic acid.  Peels made from this derivative are fantastic for rehydrating dry, flaky skin.  Milk acids are also used on persons who suffer from hyper-pigmentation.  This type of peel contains alpha hydroxy, and gently rejuvenates the skin’s surface.

If you’re looking for a slightly stronger peel to exfoliate and increase collagen production for anti-aging purposes, gycolic acid is a good peel for you.  Normal skin types take well to this treatment, which removes dead skin cells and freshens the face.  

Commonly found in acne care products, peels made from salicylic acid offer a deep cleansing to clean up any oil or dirt trapped in the skin.  This type of peel can be dehydrating, so care should be taken if using this peel on very dry skin.  However, it’s great for clearing up blackheads and acne.  

If you have problems with cystic acne, a jessner’s peel containing both alpha and beta hydroxy is ideal.  This is a stronger peel that also contains resorcinol, a natural melanin blocker.  It’s a little too harsh for sensitive skin, but works well on oily skin.  A modified version of jessner’s peel is also available without resorcinol.  

Finally, there’s trichloroacetic acid, also known as TCA.  This type of peel is deeper penetrating than others, and is a good choice to reduce the look of scars, sun spots and age spots as well as fine lines or acne.  However, it can have unsavoury whitening effects are dark toned skin types and is not recommended for sensitive skin.

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How To Use Face Wash

So now that you have figured out the mystery behind your skin “type”, up comes the daunting question…Do I need a foaming (gel) cleanser or a milky cleanser, and what the heck is the difference!?! Traditionally, foaming gel cleansers were formulated for more combination, oily, or acne-prone skin.

A skin washing product like uses of face wash that you intend to use on your skin on a regular basis should not have beads or any other thing that scrubs your skin. Scrubbing is fine on a periodic basis, and it is good for the skin to exfoliate once a week so that your face is refreshed. However, scrubbing on a daily basis can have a negative effect.

Most parents observe that their children do not really know much about facial cleansing and so they end up with so many pimples and even acne. At the end of the day, they turn to mom and dad for advice. Mom and dad should inform their growing kids the importance of taking good care of their entire body especially their face.

Decontaminating your face should be your top priority among all the beauty rituals. Couple of times in a day you should use decontamination face wash to overprotect your skin and to revitalise your skin cells. Face wash is essential because of many reasons; you get a clear skin and it also helps reduce blemishes, you get a natural glowing face that people will admire throughout the day.

The nature of emergencies, which may occur, is diverse and we cannot be sure about its kind and extent. Generally, the emergencies cases are of oil drop, mercury falling, chemical or acid drop. As they are very damaging and hot liquids, you need to make use of the face wash promptly.

Instead of using harsh, chemical-based cleansers which strip out natural oils from the skin and deposit irritating chemicals on the skin, safe, organic face wash like, Kaolin and bentone gel, gently pull dirt and grime from the face, with a mild disinfecting and drying effect.

It should not be rubbed against the skin. Usage of lotion along with water serves as a replacement to water and can be included in the daily cleansing routine as it fights the excess-oil condition and refreshes skin. The lotion also restores skin acid balance after use of cleanser.

Face washing is habitually the core of beautiful face. Cleaning is essential in maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Remove every trace of make-up or cosmetic on your face. Use cotton ball and moisturizing cream to avoid damaging your skin. Massage face by gently rotating upwards your middle ring and pinky fingers. Pat dry with soft, non- abrasive towel

Healthy skin does not require any make up to look beautiful. All you need is to do skin care properly. Moreover if you have a very sensitive skin then also special care is needed to avoid acne or other such skin problems. Picking wrong products will further aggravate the problem instead of curing it.

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